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    General Pattern FAQ

    • Should I add seam allowance?
      No.  There is 5/8” seam allowance included.
    • I am usually a size 8 when I buy clothes in a department store.  Should I cut an 8?
      No. Retail sizes are bigger than sewing sizes.  Measure yourself with a tape.
    • I have measured myself and your pattern says I should cut a 12.  I have never been a 12 in my life.  I buy clothing in a size 8.
      Cut the 12 in a muslin and check the fit.
    • The cut edges don’t line up.  What is wrong?
      The cut edges don’t always line up, but the sewing lines 5/8” away from the cut edge will.
    • There are so many lines.  How can I keep from being confused?
      Putting all the sizes in the same envelope allows the pattern to be used by the maximum number of people.  If you are confused by the lines get a red pencil. Trace your size ahead of time so it is very obvious when it comes time to cut. Or, cut your size out of the pattern ahead of time – before you pin the pattern to the fabric.
    • There are so many pieces that look similar.  How can I keep from sewing them together wrong?
      Before you unpin the pattern from the fabric, mark an X on the wrong side of each piece of fabric.  Also, all the notches are above the waist, so your notches will tell you where the top of the pattern piece is.  For good measure, you might want to mark “top” on each pattern piece as well.  When you are finished with your corset put a bow or some other way of marking the top front.  This will prevent you from putting the corset on upside down.
    • I want to use the pattern again but the tissue is so flimsy.  What can I do?
      Get some spray adhesive and some non woven interfacing.  Stick the pattern to the interfacing.  This will give the pattern pieces a longer life.
    • I have never sewn anything before.  Will I be able to make this pattern?
      The patterns are not designed to teach someone how to sew.  You will need basic sewing skills to make these garments.
    • Are your measurements modern or Victorian?
      They are the standard measurements used today by the large American pattern companies.
    • Why Should I make a muslin? What fabric should I make it from?
    • You should make a muslin because it will show you how your finished garment will fit, and give you a chance to make any alterations or adjustments before cutting into your fashion fabric.   You can make a muslin from any scrap fabric, most people prefer solid colored fabrics for a muslin (If you use a busy print it could distract you from the lines of the pattern).