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The 2-hour instructional video covers the following:

  • History of the Victorian corset and timeline of technical innovations
  • How corsets were worn and correct fit explanation
  • Discussion of modern usage of corsetry techniques
  • Appropriate fabrics and how to prepare them; colors and trims
  • Complete explanation and demonstration of supplies and tools:
- Aglets, awls
- Boning, boning tape
- Busks, lacing, lace beading Grommets or eyelets with setting tools
- Waist reinforcement, binding


  • How to choose a size, make and use a fitting muslin, and achieve a good fit
  • Demonstration of fitting muslins on live models
  • Appropriate pattern alterations and how to make them


  • Correct needle size, stitch length, and machine tension
  • Detailed explanation and finished samples of every construction step
  • Demonstration of final fitting and alteration adjustments
  • How to lace the back and put a corset on without assistance
  • Extensive list of corset and fastener supply sources
  • Bibliography for more information or further study

The DVD is recorded in Region Code 1 which will play in the United States and Canada.  International buyers must have a “code free” DVD player to play this DVD. These players are available on the internet.

PRICE: $15.95